Q: Which Banting app do we suggest, and how can I get my ratios?
A: Carb Wise. Apple: https://goo.gl/3g1j3i OR Android: https://goo.gl/phhuup

Q: How do I work the app?
A: Go HERE: https://goo.gl/s8EM3g

Q: Where can I find the most recent Green, Orange and Red lists?
A: Go HERE: https://goo.gl/erydZz

Q: Where can I find all the Yes/No Pictures?
A: Go HERE: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Banting7DayMealPlans/permalink/1990772651144696/

Q: Do I need to buy special LCHF/Banting products?
A: No. Meat, fish, vegetables, oils, butter, Holsum and cheese are all LCHF/Banting products.

Q: Is LCHF/Banting expensive?
A: No. Keep it simple by eating real food that you recognise. Fresh food is the best.

Q: I have been following the LCHF/Banting lifestyle for a while and I feel so good. Can I stop taking the medication my doctor prescribed?
A: Absolutely not. Please check with your doctor first and always follow medical advice.

Q: Do I have to have bacon and eggs for breakfast?
A: No, you can have leftovers from supper, yoghurt with seeds, porridge, chia porridge, coconut porridge or anything else from the allowed lists. If you're not hungry you can skip breakfast altogether.

Q: What can I replace Pork with?
A: Any other protein.

Q: What if I don't eat avocado?
A: Don't eat it. Use any other fat. Add some extra butter to your vegetables, eat some olives, nuts, etc.

Q: Can I drink alcohol?
A: that's your decision. Alcohol can stall weight loss in some, but some people do with great success. The ones to stick to are dry wines and spirits. Remember though that alcohol contains calories

Q: Can I have full cream milk in my tea/coffee?
A: yes, but remember milk has carbs and 100ml is about 4.5g to 5g per 100ml. Cream has less at 3g per 100ml.

Q: I don't see peanuts on the list. What's up with that?
A: peanuts fall under the realm of personal choice. They are fairly high in omega 6, they contain phytates, and they COULD have aflatoxins. But all this is true for other items on the original green list...I can tell you they have less carbs than almonds. Prof has said for those LCHF/Banting on a budget, they are a great source of protein.

Q: Why can't I take fat burning pills and appetite suppressants?
A: Because it does the opposite to what we aim for in LCHF/Banting! We are trying to heal our appestat and learn to control our appetite naturally; also the fat burning is using up the fat that is meant for fuel for our bodies

Q: Can I eat goods containing isomalt?
A: Isomalt has a GI of 1. It is not one of the "approved" sweeteners in the original RMR lists, but after some research, it would appear that its not a bad one, but not commercially available like xylitol etc.

Q: Is it necessary to do gym to lose weight?
A: No, not at all! But it's good for overall Toning and a feel good factor! Just starting to walk will make you feel much better.

Q: Can I eat chocolates containing maltitol or isomalt?
A: These fall under the realm of personal choice. Some lose successfully with it, some won't touch it. It has a higher GI than the other sweeteners though...so be aware of that and see how you feel about it.

Q: Can I replace some meals with Herbalife or Bantee shakes?
A: Herbalife and Bantee shakes are not allowed as they contain sugar. We don't do replacement shakes while LCHF/Banting, we eat REAL food.

Q: I heard Holsum is a vegetable oil but I see members using it. Is it allowed?
A: Holsum is perfectly fine to use as it's a palm oil that is farmed ethically and it’s cheap

Q: I don't like having an early breakfast. Can I have BPC instead?
A: BPC is not recommended as a meal replacement as it might keep the hunger at bay due to the fats, but it can be high in calories and low in nutrients. If you are not hungry at breakfast time, don't eat until you are hungry.

Q: Do I need to have 3 meals per day?
A: While LCHF/Banting when eat when we are hungry. If this means that you only eat once a day, then this is fine. Please don't try and intentionally starve yourself. When you are hungry you eat, you eat until you are full and then you stop.

Q: Can I continue LCHF/Banting if I am pregnant?
A: LCHF/Banting is beneficial for both the pregnant mommy and unborn baby. During pregnancy eat freely off the green list and orange list veg. Start slowly and keep carbs between 50-100g. Have 3 protein servings per day and increase it to 4 per day. Have at least one fruit per day to stay out of ketosis. Drink lots of water. Build in fats slowly. Use fats like avocado, nuts, seeds, olives and olive oil then slowly add in coconut oil, butter and animal fats. Eggs, fish, liver, green salad and bacon are fine, but liver is very high in Vitamin A so don't eat it daily. Pork products are absolutely fine, but most pork sausages contain other additives so look for msg free especially, and cereal and soya free. Fish is Fantastic for baby's brain development, especially oily fish like sardines, tuna, middle cut, salmon, mackerel. Eat what you can to keep food down at this stage and add sweet potato, butternut and carrots and a bit of fruit daily. Buy the Real Meal Revolution Raising Superheroes book. Filled with information from pregnancy to teen years, recipes and other useful info. While association does not make good science, anecdotal evidence (healthy mothers, healthy pregnancies, healthy babies delivered, babies reaching milestones ahead of the accepted norms, successful breastfeeding) show that yes, this is in fact a healthy and safe lifestyle to follow while pregnant. Fats nourish the developing brain.

Q: Can I start LCHF/Banting if I am breastfeeding?
A: Yes you may. While breastfeeding eat freely off the green list and orange list veg. Have 3 protein servings per day. Have at least one fruit per day to stay out of ketosis. Drink lots of water to keep milk up. Build in fats slowly. Using fats like avocado, nuts, seeds, olives and olive oil then slowly add in coconut oil, butter and animal fats. Buy yourself the Real Meal Revolution book Raising Superheroes. It has great advice from pregnancy to the teen years.

Q: I'm the only one LCHF/Banting in my family. How can I make dinner that will please everyone?
A: Have a good look at your family favorites, there will be recipes that are easily adjusted. Serving foods that are familiar with a slight LCHF/Banting twist will show the family that LCHF/Banting food is not strange. Involve the family asking them to choose new recipes that they are excited to try. Soon you will be able to drop the carb sides for the family and they will not even notice.

Q: What sweeteners are allowed on LCHF/Banting?
A: Xylitol, Stevia or Erythritol

Q: We went for lunch at a friend and they served a non-LCHF/Banting lunch. How long must I wait before I can start again and how do I detox?
A: No need to detox. It's important that you eat correctly as soon as the next meal.

Q: This is my first month of LCHF/Banting. The first week I lost 3kg and after that I lost 1kg every alternate week. Am I doing something wrong?
A: Many people tend to lose quite a bit in the initial stages and then it slows down. A good weight loss is 500g - 1kg per week. Weight loss also isn't a linear decline on a graph. Sometime we gain a small amount due to hormonal change or water weight (maybe it's hot) and we find we lose again without changing anything. This is all normal. If you have no weight loss for a month after LCHF/Banting at least 3 months, ask admin to have a look at your food diary. Some people lose easier than others so never be disheartened, just keep LCHF/Banting and it will happen

Q: I have no gallbladder can I follow a high fat lifestyle?
A: Yes you can. You may need to introduce the fat slowly but your body will become fat adapted.

Q: Can I drink sparkling or soda water?
A: Yes you can. Sparkling is much cheaper than soda water.

Q: What are ketosticks and do I need to use them?
A: Keto sticks are to measure the amount of ketones in your urine and will tell you if you are in ketosis. You do not need to use them.

Q: What fruit can I have?
A: Stick to berries they are lowest in carbs.

Q: Help I was in the deep purple last week on the keto sticks ... now it looks like I am not in ketosis anymore, what must I do?
A: As your body becomes more adapted to using ketones more efficiently you will not be detecting them in the urine anymore... this does not mean you are out of ketosis, but rather you are more efficient in using the ketones for fuel.

Q: Will I still lose weight if I don't go into ketosis?
A: Yes you can still lose weight... some people do not go so low in carbs as others but still lose weight.

Q: Why do some people lose weight quickly? And I am so slow.
A: Everyone loses at different rates, some heal at deep levels first then speed up as the issues resolve... some who start with a large weight loss may have had a lot of water retention... but in the end with clean LCHF/Banting everyone reaches their goals...

Q: What else can I drink besides water?
A: You can drink soda water, plain sparkling water tea (normal tea, rooibos tea, chai tea or green tea) 100% pure coffee. No Ricoffy or Frisco. Refreshing drinks in pinned post

Q: Is anything low-carb allowed?
A: Unfortunately not. Please always check ingredients first. Even though a product may be labeled as low carb it may contain red list items. Please always compare ingredients with the red list.

Q: I want to start LCHF/Banting, but not for weight loss, is this possible?
A: Yes, you can follow a LCHF lifestyle for health without losing weight. You can easily maintain your healthy weight you are on currently by not going below 25g net carbs per day. Try and stay between 50g and 80g carbs per day and if need be, adjust accordingly in case you do lose more weight.
Stick to the green and orange list.

Q: Is exercise necessary on LCHF/Banting?
A: Exercise is not mandatory, but great for toning and the health benefits are wonderful

Q: Is it possible to eat too much fat?
A: Yes, eating too much fat is possible and this can cause weight gain or stalling

Q: Is it possible that protein can stall weight loss?
A: yes, eating too much protein can cause a plateau. Protein can spike insulin, always try keep protein portions to palm sized portions

Q: I am bloated and uncomfortable what will assist in alleviating this?
A: Probiotics, milk kefir and fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchi is packed full of natural probiotics to balance your gut flora.
Drink bone broth once or twice per day.
Raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar is great too.

Q: I am experiencing muscle cramps, is this normal?
A: muscle cramps are quite common. Invest in a good slow releases magnesium supplement to assist with the cramping

Q: salted or unsalted butter?? Which is the correct one?
A: Both are perfectly fine. It is up to your own taste and preference

Q: must the butter be grass fed and the coconut oil extra virgin cold pressed?

A: No, buy what you can afford. Cheaper alternatives are also great , like holsum, ghee, lard, tallow and chicken fat

Q: I have a terrible headache and feel dizzy! I have been LCHF/Banting for three days. Is this normal and why?
A: It is completely normal. Initially when you switch from eating carbs as your primary fuel to dietary fats, you will flush a lot of water and along with that, electrolytes. Add some salt (not table salt but rather Himalayan or sea salt) to water or lick off your hand. That will re-balance your levels and sort out the headache and dizziness.

Q: I have a sweet tooth and found a LCHF/Banting treat ... how many or how much of it can I have
A: it is not a question of how much or how many of a certain item you may have. It doesn't mean that because it is LCHF/Banting friendly that you can have as many as you like. Everything in moderation and within your daily allowance is still key. Too much if a good thing is never a good idea either

Q: I have baked a LCHF/Banting bread. How much can i have?
A: depends on the ingredients. Not all recipes are the same. It is also a good idea not to include too may baked goods as this can cause your weight to stall

Q: I am losing centimeters / inches, but the scale is showing the opposite. Is there something wrong??
A: this is quite normal with our lifestyle.
Remember, lean muscle weighs more than fat.
As long as you are dropping centimeters / inches, then you know you are on track and have nothing to be concerned about.
Try not to be obsessed with the scale as this won't do you any good at all. It’s not an accurate method of progress measurement on our lifestyle.

Q: What is ACV, BPC, EVOO, MCT and BP?
A: ACV = apple cider vinegar
BPC= Bullet Proof Coffee
EVOO= Extra Virgin Olive Oil
MCT= Medium Chain Triglyceride
BP= Blood Pressure